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We develop top tier interactive media products,

combining creativity and scientific thinking with a vast range of technologies.

We specialise in games, apps, education and engagement.

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Stickmen Media make apps and games for mobile, PC and console, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality applications. We create solutions for entertainment and serious purposes.

Our clients are companies and individuals with a wide range of requirements, complexities and budgets. We build to defined specifications, or we can help talk you through defining your requirements and cost.

We have successfully completed a wide range of projects, including solutions for rehabilitation, education, startups, small and medium size companies, media companies, hardware integration and more.

We use plain language so you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about and what you’ll get for your money, and our quoting and production processes are transparent, so there are no nasty surprises. Contact us for a chat!

"Brook and his team at Stickmen Media have been integral to my project. His talented developers have overcome many technical hurdles to deliver a more than satisfactory product. Stickmen Media adopted a comprehensive approach to building my application which helped keep it on track. This approach ensured that there were no surprises and that the job was completed."

Andrew Johnson - Director, Virtual Worksite Ltd


We also provide services to compliment game developers and publishers' in-house teams. These services include:

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App Development

We develop high quality mobile apps for iOS and Android. We can integrate your apps with Facebook or other social media to maximise brand visibility. Our app development team can build apps that automate your business processes and information gathering, provide just-in-time training, or engage your customers in new ways. More on App Development...

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Website Development and Gamification

We offer high quality websites and gamification of websites, integrating game mechanics such as points, challenges, rewards and notifications to educate, motivate and incentivise or promote wanted behaviours and positive actions in your web community. We can also compliment your mobile web offering with mobile apps developed for IOS and Android. More on Website Development...

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Game Design

We undertake all aspects of game design including concept, story design, gameplay, progression and flow. We are licensed developers for Microsoft XBox, Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii and we have developed games for Steam, IOS and Android. More on Game Design and Development...

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Concept Art and Illustration

The concept artist quickly explores ideas and communicates them as effectively as possible. The role of the illustrator is to create highly polished artwork. Our team of talented artists can help you with all stages of art from concept to finished 3D modelled rendering or illustration.

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3D Asset Development

We create stunning 3D models and animations as part of our core expertise, from cartoon characters to realistic avatars; from fantasy landscapes to natural looking environments. We can rig, model and animate characters for apps, animated logos, tv advertisments, film production and video games.

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Video and Music Development

Through our strategic partners, we source and produce high quality music for video games, trailers and other media. Our core team are heavily involved in music writing, playing and production, and our standards are high. We also provide video editing, voice-over and green screen editing.

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Medical Therapeutic Gaming

Stickmen Media create games and applications for medical research and therapeutic purposes. These include VR, immersive games, and apps to aid in medical recovery, therapy or research. We work with Callaghan Innovation, and other research groups to produce games for serious purposes. More on Medical Therapeutic Gaming...

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Video Game Development

We provide the complete suite of game development services for Nintendo Wii™ and Wii U, PS3, PS4, XBox, PC, iOS and Android from concept design to cutting edge 3D production. Our developers can work to compliment other game developers and publishers in-house teams. More on Game Design and Development...

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the process where a real view of the world is augmented or overlayed by a computer generated image, like a snapchat filter or a Head Up display. Stickmen Media are experts at implementing AR for your business.More on Augmented Reality...

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Virtual Reality

We understand how to use Virtual Reality for serious and entertainment purposes. Whether its a simple immersive environment or a completely modelled training or rehabilitation experience Stickmen Media can provide it. We develop for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard and many other VR platforms. More on Virtual Reality...

    The team

    Our core team comprises artists, web developers, modellers, animators and producers with extraordinary skills and abilities in their respective fields.

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Stickmen Media, established in 2014, grew out of Stickmen Studios, a game company established in August 2006, the company directors performed several years of research within the video game industry prior to opening the studio in New Zealand’s beautiful ‘Garden City’ Christchurch in June 2008.

"The focus, dedication and capability that this New Zealand based creative entertainment team is showing is world class and undoubtedly will make a huge impact in the coming years with the work that they are doing. It is wonderful to see this level of ingenuity and creative content coming from our country."

Sir Richard Taylor – Weta WorkShop


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