Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the process where a real view of the world is augmented or overlayed by a computer generated image, like a snapchat filter or a Head Up display. Stickmen Media are experts at implementing AR for your business or entertainment.

Augmented reality uses advanced image processing or global positioning to detect 'anchors' in the real world that a digital image can be super imposed on by the device you are looking through.

Devices that can be used to view augmented reality include:

  • Smartphones;
  • Computers with webcams; and
  • Augmented and Mixed reality headsets and glasses such as Magic Leap.

Here are some applications that we have done or that we are working on.


Snappadoodle is an augmented reality app for iPhone and Android that could superimpose a 3D animated model over the face of the person on the camera. It used facial detection to position the model and had a lip-sync mode that allowed the user to use the model as a digital puppet.



Virtual Moa

Stickmen Media created an animated, life sized version of a Moa for Augview that was geo-located in the Otorohanga Bird Sanctuary using AugView's gelocation system.


We can help you with your proposal, applications for grant funding and the design and implementation of your software.

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