Video Game Design

We undertake all aspects of game design including concept, story design, gameplay, progression and flow.

Story designers will help you get create and refine your story, then our concept artists can create a vision of the world and story of your video game idea. We can then create a concept document showing the progression and flow through your game. The Game Concept Document (GCD) contains:
  • An introduction including an overview of your game
  • The brief story of your game with concept art
  • The style of your game (eg. shooter, side scroller, role playing game); and
  • The platforms you would like you game on (console, Steam, Facebook)

Once you have a concept document we can then begin the process of game design leading to a completed game design document.

A Game Design Document (GDD) is a document that describes your game in sufficient depth that it can be implemented. It removes all ambiguity and forces a completeness of understanding of your game. The Game Design Document contains:
  • The full story of your game, making clear what is background, and what is in the game;
  • A description of all the characters in the game with sketches and concept art
  • A complete description of the game play;
  • The controller mappings for the game;
  • The sound and music styles of the game;
  • The user interface;
  • The scoring and achievements;
  • The cameras; and
  • The level structure description.

At this point the game can be built

Video Game Development

We provide the complete suite of game development services for Nintendo Wii™ and Wii U, PS3, PS4, XBox, PC, iOS and Android from concept design to cutting edge 3D production. Our developers can work to compliment other game developers and publishers' in-house teams.

We are licensed developers for Microsoft XBox, Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii and we have developed games for Steam, IOS and Android.

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