Website Development

We offer high quality adaptive and responsive websites developed for customers in Christchurch and around New Zealand.

Is your website looking a bit dated? Did you know that 46% of web visits in the US comes from mobile devices? This figure is rising (Read here). Have you considered making your website easier to use on mobile phone and tablet?

Have you considered increasing customer engagement with your website by gamifiying it, or issuing calls to action from your pages?

Stickmen Media can develop a high quality website for you, enhancing your brand, engaging your customers or allowing your business processes to operate online. We are able to make you website responsive and adaptive, and we are able to optimise its viewability and operability on mobile phone and tablet.

Website Gamification

Stickmen Media can gamify your website to create richer and more entertaining customer experiences. We integrate game mechanics such as points, challenges, rewards and notifications to educate, motivate and incentivise or promote wanted behaviours and positive actions in your web community.

We can also compliment your mobile web offering with mobile apps developed for IOS and Android.

Book a free consultation to discuss your app needs. You can contact us here

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